Month: June 2017

The Importance Of Third-Party Inspection In Engineering Projects

Engineering projects are among the most sensitive projects that are known today. They are often said to be sensitive based on the impact they have on people’s lives and the extent of the impact.  For example, a bridge construction project can mean the difference between triggering the growth of the economic value of a specific area and the stagnation of economic growth in the area. It can also mean the difference between the life and death of inhabitants of people in the area. This is a perfect example of how an engineering project can impact the lives of people. Based on this, engineering projects are supposed to be handled in a perfect manner.

In order to make sure of this, third-party inspection is very important. It is one of the best ways to make sure an engineering project is able to meet certain specific standards following its completion. This explains why third-party inspection has continued to be important today. The following are some of the specific ways in which third-party inspection can be useful in as far making sure a specific project meets certain standards is concerned.

Quality control of construction materials

The quality of the materials that are being used from the start to end of a construction project will determine the success of the project. Based on this, they have to be in perfect shape at all costs. Put simply, they have to meet certain specific standards. This applies to all kinds of construction materials that exist today including concrete, steel, geotextiles and bitumen among others. A number of tests are carried out to make sure the materials meet certain specifications. This is important as it affects the overall performance of the materials and the success of the project.

Third-party inspectors make sure that each of the materials being used during a specific construction project,are able to meet certain standards. The quality control is administered from the start of the project to its end to avoid performance inconsistences of materials in each of the phases of the project. It is also taken into account prior to the ordering of products. This where consultancy services such as preshipment inspection in dubai and product certification in south Africa tend to be important.

Phase by phase construction project review

The review of projects is also the responsibility of third-party consultants. Projects are often reviewed on a phase by phase basis for efficiency purposes. This is mainly to avoid missing any details pertaining to the requirements of the construction project. Some specifications of a construction project may be the same in more than one phase. In some cases, they may be different. Irrespective of whether they are the same or not, these are supposed to be checked thoroughly for consistency.

Plant inspection before and after shutdown

Some plants are supposed to meet certain operational standards following the end of a shutdown. A shutdown inspection is required before and after shutdown. This is mainly for two major reasons. It is required before shutdown in order to make sure the plant is safe for the specific scheduled repairs to commence. Further, it is also important to make sure the initial state of the plant is determined before servicing can commence. Post shutdown inspection is mainly to check if the servicing that was done on the plant had met minimum requirements or not.