Month: March 2017

Get Third Party Inspection Services By Skilled Professionals

Summary: This Article gives you information about a company which offer third party inspection services in various countries around the globe.

In the modern age humans have developed many technologies that have made each individual’s life comfortable. Escalators and elevators are one of these inventions which are used to travel between floors in a multi-storey building, railway stations, metro stations and various other places. These are used for travelling with little effort and in no time but any technical default in this system can lead to potential danger. Accidents that can happen in an elevator include limbs getting struck in malfunctioning doors, cables snapping etc. Elevators are designed to carry heavy amount of loads between various heights throughout the day continuously. Hence, regular maintenance and inspection of these machines are necessary to ensure these that they are functioning properly. This company can provide you the time to time third party inspection services.

The company is an efficient industrial solution provider which offers procurement, construction & project management services to petrochemical, oil, gas & water industries.  Experts of this firm are serving their clients with a wide range of service in various countries like America, Africa, and Australia & in Indian sub-continent. The firm has been providing its product & services over the last 17 years & through its strong commitment toward client’s content it has established them as the most reliable industrial solution provider company. The organization provide third party inspection in Dubai  for lifting equipments, roof support system, electrical instrumentation, personal protective equipments, & asset integrity management.

The company is aimed to implement quality management systems to appraise the working, security, integrity & performance of the apparatus regularly. This firm also provides elevators & escalators inspection in Abudhabi, Dubai, Sharjah UAE and various other countries around the globe. The skilled professionals of the organization concentrate in inspecting various equipments to ensure their working in extreme whether that minimizes potential loss & any kind of business interruption.

Apart from third party inspection the basket of services offered by this company also include welding training, consultancy, overhauling of apparatus, design review, pipe mill, piping, shut down inspection & services for shutdown activities. Clients who can be either the user of these equipments or some engineering companies hire inspectors on their own or person from third party inspection agencies to get the visit notes, release notes & certificates of inspection. Here, you can get the inspection services from experienced professionals in reasonable price. This firm covers all the stages of industrial project starting from construction, designing to its operation& maintenance.

Get Equipment’s Inspection By Skilled Engineers

Summary: The Article informs you about a company who is an expert in providing inspection services and risk management facility.

Now a day’s laborers don’t need to spend time in carrying, lifting or pulling heavy materials on the construction site. People are using various machines to carry these heavy materials. Lifting heavy materials can cause muscles and joint pains to the workers so to reduce these risks various advanced material handling machines were developed. There is a wide range of lifting apparatus like cranes, lifts, mobile elevating work platforms, fork- lift trucks, hoists etc.  These machines should be in good conditions so that they are safe to use. This company will provide you inspection while using these apparatus.

The company is independent and works with the target to safeguard assets, life, & environment. The firm was established in the year 2000. The experts evaluate and inspect the technical condition of gas and oil plants. The company also provides lifting equipment inspection in Sharjah.The firm is a skillful industrial solution provider which guarantees offers related to construction, commission, project management services & acquirement to gas, oil, water plants  and petrochemical industries.  The services offered by them accommodate design review, overhauling of equipments, ISO & NDT training. The inspection activities offered by the firm includes welding training & inspection, line pine inspection in mills, shut down inspection in refineries & petrochemical industries and third party supervision for plants, product & equipment.

Apart from these supervision activities the firm also provides some designing activities which include a design of pressure vessels, cross-country pipeline, equipments & piping etc. The firm has an inclusive number of experienced engineers who are always ready to deliver maintenance and seaward inspection services for the client’s satisfaction. They also offer some additional assistance like construction, mechanical, coating & cleaning services through full project management.  The organization offers lifting equipment inspection in Abudhabi and various other offshore countries. The experts of the organization are specialized in working in difficult areas and extreme weather conditions. This organization is an expert in exporting workforce & strong healthy and safety cultures to the overseas clients in which the local markets fails.

The company also gives certification services to the lifting equipments & trains the professionals who are working in wider field of expertise. The services also include technical analysis & technology qualification management, laboratory testing etc.  You can blindly trust this company for managing all kind of risks and grabbing assessment services from them which incorporates responsibility assessments for corruption resistance. The expert team is available round the clock and always ensures customer’s satisfaction.